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Every morning, we get out of bed to provide you with a personalized service you can count on. A Customer contract exists to protect both of us when you sign one. Our partnership is governed by the terms and conditions set forth below.

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1. Your Agreement

A service order, which includes Service-specific conditions (“SO”), this GC, and an MSA, governs your relationship with us (if applicable). To the extent that there is any discrepancy, the SO takes precedence over this GC and the MSA.

2. The Service

Our Responsibilities We shall provide you with the Service and, if applicable, Service Credits during the Service Term. Any service disruption will be given a reasonable warning, and we shall take reasonable steps to alleviate it.

2.2 Your Responsibilities You must do the following:

(a) Follow our instructions for using the Service (e.g., start, operate, change, or stop) as soon as possible, and verify that your Network is capable of accepting the Service and interacting with our Network at Demarcation Points;

(b) cooperate with us to receive the Service reasonably, including providing information we or an Authority requests and allowing us to inspect your Network at reasonable times; and

(c) ensure that our Network’s or third-party networks’ security or performance is not jeopardized, and take reasonable precautions to prevent this (and we will take reasonable precautions to ensure that your Network’s security and performance is not put in jeopardy when we provide the Service).

2.3 Specific to the service 
For Capacity Services or Value-Added Services, you must:

(a) comply with the transmission plan approved by us and the internet for USA Access Document;

(b) change your transmission values (e.g., uplink power and carrier frequency assignment) as we require for the Service or our Network; and (c) change your transmission values (e.g., uplink power and carrier frequency assignment) as we require for the Service or our Network.

(c) ‘Earth Station’ only uses Earth Stations we approve and ensures they can operate across the entire satellite frequency band and in the polarisation (if specified), and (d) ‘instructions’ provide us with the contact information for staff who control Earth Stations and ensure they act quickly on our oral or written instructions.

2.4 Compatibility 

All applicable laws must be followed by each party. Just because the Service is available in a nation or location doesn’t mean you can use it there if you don’t follow the Applicable Laws. It is your responsibility to:

(a) have at all times and comply with all authorizations required for the use of the Service;

(b) laws comply with any Applicable Laws relating to the Service in any country or place where the Service is used or available (e.g., advertising, anti-bribery, data security, permitted or required content, encryption, intellectual property, obscenity, privacy, public security, and lawful intercept, requirements); and (c) have at all times and comply with all.

(c) trade control and sanctions ensure that the Service is not used in a way that would violate any Applicable Laws (including Applicable Laws relating to export, import, or sanctions) or expose us or our Group to a violation, liability, or penalty, or the risk of the same (e.g., an Authority investigates, sues our Group, or suspends or terminates any of our Group’s authorizations to operate our Network or provide services);

(d) resell ensuring that any Service you resell is part of your value-added service to End Users; and

(e) certification, if we ask, that you comply with this provision promptly affirm in writing.

3. Your Expenses

The financial.

a) Charges Even if you cause a delay in transmissions or the Service is suspended under clause 4.1(a), (b), or (c), you must pay us: I all sums due under this agreement to our bank account in the currency stated in the SO, without deduction or withholding (except as required by Applicable Laws); and (ii) interest on any late payment at the rate of 8% per year until we receive full payment, without prejudice to our other rights. We may use your payment (including Security) to pay any amount owed to us or our group by you or your group.

(b) Tax You are liable for any Tax incurred as a result of our provision or your use of the Service, and you must pay us any additional amounts necessary to ensure that we get the same amount as if there had been no Tax.

4. Suspension/Finishing

4.1 Internet For USA Suspensions. If: (a) you breach any provision of internet for USA 2 or 3; (b) interference a third party (including an Authority) intentionally interferes with our Network due to your use of the Service; (c) you breach any provision of internet for USA 2 or 3; (d) you breach any provision of internet for USA 2 or 3; (e) you breach any provision of internet for USA 2 or 3;

(c) regulatory: we are required to do so by Applicable Laws or an Authority’s order or direction; or (d) network: we are unable to supply the Service owing to Network modifications.

4.2 Complementary. If a Service Event lasts for 30 days, or if the other party has breached a material term of the agreement that is unfixable or is not repaired by the other party within 30 days of being notified, a party may terminate the affected part of the SO by notice to the other. It will expire if a party does not exercise this termination right within 30 days of when it first arose.

4.3 Cancellation fee. If we terminate the SO in whole or in part due to your breach of clauses 4.1 or 4.2, you must pay us a termination charge equal to the Service Fees due for the remainder of the Service Term if the Service had not been canceled, plus any unpaid sums under the agreement, on-demand. You agree that this fee, as well as the fee outlined in clause 4.4 below, are liquidated damages for a breach of contract and are fair in all circumstances to protect our interest in the proper execution of this agreement. If you received any free or discounted Service Fees before termination, these discounts are no longer valid, and you must pay us the full-Service Fee amount.

4.4 Use indefinitely. If you continue to use the Service after the SO expires or ends without our permission, you must stop immediately (even if we do not notify you). For the period of your unauthorized use, you must pay us a fee equal to 150 percent of the most recent Service Fee rate.

You may also contact us to seek access to or changes to your personally identifiable information using the contact information provided.

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